Skibbereen Walking Group
Rambling and Hillwalking in Beautiful West Cork

Hill Walks, Intermediate & Road Walks     
Different Levels of Ability


New Members Welcome any Time!
Try 3 "taster" Road  Walks before you become a Member.

  1. Coomerkane
    ​Frog Spawn


  2. Coomerkane


  3. Coomerkane
    ​Wild goat


  4. Coomerkane


  5. Coomerkane

  6. Coomerkane


  7. Coomerkane Intermediate Walk

  8. Maulin hill walk

  9. Coomerkane

  10. Coomerkane

  11. Coomerkane

  12. Maulin hill walk

Photo Archive


to view older photos and photos of previous years. (Thanks to all those members who contribute photos on a regular basis, particularly Pip Biagi.)