Booking a walk ticket on Eventbrite.

Here is where you can request a ticket for the walk, usually only 13/14 places available as Leaders can take 1 or 2 tickets.

Members will receive an email and only by responding to this can they obtain a walk ticket.

1 – you’ll receive an email from “SWG – Skibbereen Walking Group” between 6pm and 9pm every Sunday evening (that’s the plan anyway).  Watch out for it and check your SPAM and “Promotions” folders in case it goes in there.  The email will give a brief description of the walk but the really important bit is the “Attend Event” button which you need to click on as the first step towards getting a ticket.

2 – Once you’ve clicked on Attend Event you’ll be taken to the Eventbrite website where you’ll see a description of the walk, date, some rules and Covid stuff etc.  The really important bit is to click on the “Register” button (first time). 

3 – Once you’ve clicked on that button it’ll show you your ticket and now you click on another “Register” button (second time) and

4 – that takes you to a page which shows your name and email address where you click on “Register” again (third time).

5 – That’s it done – you’ll receive an email confirmation but no need to do anything with it or print anything.  Just turn up at the walk start as we have your name on the list for a free ticket.

So remember FIVE STEPS to get on the walk list:
Step 1 – click “Attend Event” on the email
Steps 2,3 and 4 – Click “Register” THREE times on the Eventbrite website.
Step 5 – receive a confirmation email – job done!

If you get really stuck contact Adrian Thomas on 0877933234